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Why “Be Happy”?

ART was grounded on the expertise of over 20 years in both the oil industry and in tourism and hospitality. As a result, ART’s brand promise consists of combining fuel retail with in-house cuisine and a welcoming architecture.

The ART brand was designed with the support of British design company Minale & Tattersfield. Founders Marcello Minale and Brian Tattersfield are among the most reputed fuel station designers in the world.

The architecture of ART fuel stations won Best Design Award in 2010, by the Moscow Oil Association.

Built around the slogan “Be Happy!”, ART considers building stations in transit areas or transport hubs, where, apart from fuel and goods for immediate use, customers’ paramount needs are healthy nutrition and recovering capabilities to drive safely.

“Be Happy!” includes general attitude of nonconformity and positive thinking. ART combines retail of fuels and the food industry, supporting parallel ART shops and cafés.

Currently, ART Petrol sells petroleum products which conform to the highest quality standards in the field. Gasoline and diesel are procured from Rompetrol, and LPG is purchased from Callatis Gas.